Thursday, July 19, 2007

Working it Out

So, it's embarrassing but I'm slightly obsessed with my aerobics class. It's a hilarious scenario because I see the same people twice, every week (more than most friends and definitely more than my family on the east coast) and...I rarely talk to anyone in the class. It's just weird...everyone's jumping around and sweating and who knows, half the people in there probably don't even speak English. But anyway, today was a day where I actually made a friend (love that!). But afterwards I was wondering, were the braces surprising at all to Girl in the Green Tank Top? I mean, I don't think I show my teeth that much in aerobics -- the Wired Lady can totally go incognito. Maybe (subconsciously) this is why I love aerobics class so much? Just a random thought....

When to say NO to margaritas...
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...when they are sent as flower arrangements. Happened.

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