Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Weekend Call from Mom

Don't get me wrong, I always enjoy the weekend call from Mom. However, lately I have noticed a new standard question always asked within the course of the conversation. That question -- "How are the braces?"

I can understand, "How's work?" and "How was your weekend?" do I respond to, "How are the braces?" Um...well, they are feeling indifferent at this moment. They had a rough couple of hours after the cashew snack and burger lunch, but currently they are...fine?! I dunno! Is it sad that at 25 my mom asks about my braces?

Wait....I know the answer.

Off to Steve's with my zipper in hand...
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Still lovin' summer corn.
And no, these are not my hands.


Michelle said...

OK Wired Lady....its 1AM and I have just finished reading your blog..OMG..I am still laughing. You trip me out. I really enjoy your writing, gotta get that Corn Zipper for sure. You wear wire well by the way. I love my Porcelain Beauties but I'm currently sporting a big ole GAP! Yes, quite hideous at the moment. I'm almost 4mths POST SARPE, you can check out my blog. I linked you so that I can grab a few laughs here and there....thanks for the humor.

Anonymous said...

At least someone thinks you're funny.

Wired Lady said...

Thanks, Michelle! anony-...welp, any comment is better than no comment. At least that's what I've learned from the Nielsens.