Saturday, July 21, 2007

A Wired Day

A day in the life...

Early this morning - Oil Change
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What felt like a million hours spent at Firestone to get my car checked -- thanks in part for the fabulous selection of men's magazines. Gotta say, totally at an even bigger disadvantage now. Not only am I female but I also show up with braces. Do you think this really helps my attempt to rock the "Don't Rip Me Off Because I'm Female" attitude? Hell no. And yes, they did convince me to upgrade to the transmission flow or cleaning or whatever the hell it was. I'm tough as nails.

Later this morning - William Sonoma
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While I am extremely thankful for all my corn zippers -- what can I say, a wired lady really only needs one...maybe two? Probably one of the more embarrassing errands to run. Let's just say, the suburban housewives at WS had a chuckle...on me.

This afternoon - Cut & Color
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Is it ironic that I saw wired-friend Dakota Fanning at my hair salon?
I'm surprised they didn't put us in the back. The new imagine might prevent "The Hills" girls from showing up.

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