Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Caught in the Act

Today I was caught in the work kitchen poking a plastic knife into the back of my braces.

I didn't have a toothpick. I wasn't thinking. What's a girl to do? I was merely waiting for my soup to heat-up and couldn't stand for one more second the piece of turkey stuck in the back of my braces. I wasn't going to ditch the soup to grab floss and jet to the bathroom. Who has time for that?! I had to think quick. For some reason, the plastic knife looked both appealing and handy (ironically, I am reading a book my boss gave me about teenage cutters - but that's a toootally different story).

The co-worker gave a weird, "Hey." I immediately fessed up and blamed it on the braces. I admit it. I pick. I am always picking at the braces. I know it's gross but nothing is worse that crap stuck back there. And apparently I will use any handy utensil, tool, even writing device to clear the crap. I know, I know...TMI.

By the way, has anyone tried to "Simpsonize" themselves? I have tried for the past hour to load a picture of myself with braces. Apparently, The Simpsons hate braces! Braces = ERROR message. Anyone successful?


Aimee said...

It looks like we are going to have the same surgeon! Dr. Relle! I'm getting Kaiser this week and then going to see him. I had a consult with my ortho and have to get a cleaning and check up and then get my braces on. I can't wait! (crazy, I know)

Tara said...

I do the SAME thing! People must walk by my desk and think that I am obsessed with looking at myself because I am constantly pulling out a mirror and checking my teeth! But like you said, what are we suppose to do? Can't go around with food stuck in your braces. It looks gross, and feels even worst.

Wired Lady said...
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Wired Lady said...

Congrats, Aimee!!!!