Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Why Life's Not Fair

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This beautiful vase of heaven is what the Wired Lady gets to stare at all day long, as it sits on the boss's coffee table. Why????????????????????????? Why meeeeeee???!!!!!!!!!

And I will admit, I broke down today and tried having a bean. As expected, I failed. There was no enjoyment sucking the sugar off, then downing the bean like a pill -- as to avoid sticky accidents with brackets. It was a complete failure but I was desperate.

Some may say they ate all kinds of these goodies when he/she had braces. All I have to say to those nay-sayers is, yes...I did too...but that time I wasn't paying for them.

And for the record -- Marshall, if you ask me for gum one more time I will kick your ass.


Steve said...

Just be lucky someone didn't plant some of those Harry Potter vomit-flavored beans in that jar.

Tara said...

Yes, that would be hard to look at all day. But I must be lucky with my braces. Both when I was a kid, and this time too. I eat pretty much whatever I want, and I have NEVER had a bracket break or come loose. I had them on for over 4 years the first time and over 1.5 years so far this time. I even ate corn on the cob last night. Granted, it's not as enjoyable when you are flossing for what seems like FOREVER. So I did order the Corn Zipper that you mentioned. I can't wait to get it! But good luck trying to avoid those jelly beans. I want some just after seeing a picture of them.

Michelle said...

OK Tara, Do you want a damp towel to rub it in? HEHE My daughter does the same thing, she eats whatever she wants with her braces. Well not me, I just got to the point where I can almost bite into something. I spend 20 minutes cutting up all my food before taking a bite...my family laughs, but I will find a way to get them back.

Tara said...

If it makes you feel better, Michelle, I can't bite into apples. And that is one of the reasons why the fall is my favorite season. There's nothing like biting into a nice juicy, crisp apple. Cutting them up just isn't the same. :( Oh well, it will be worth it in the long run. Now I want an apple!