Monday, July 2, 2007

Mistakes and Sprinkles

Yes, I was very excited that today was Alex's work birthday celebration. Besides the obvious reasons (friendship, support, happiness, blah blah blah), let's get was all about the CUPCAKES! My excited soon turned to stupidity with sprinkles.

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No wired lady should choose the cupcake covered in sprinkles. Especially when co-workers/bosses/etc. decide to hold extremely long conversations with you afterwards. It's hard to fake interested while picking sprinkles out of my braces during conversations. Of course, immediately after the hoopla...totally ran to the restroom with my trusty pick toothbrush kit. And for the record people...I am holding toothbrushes, not tampons. People seriously must think I'm on my period for 30 days straight.

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Jamie said...

I have to tell you that Mike and I went to a small town last weekend and a local band called the Bloomingtones was playing at the pizza place we ate at. The reason for me telling you this is that the lead singer/guitar player, who had to be in his twenties, had BRACES! I wanted to take a picture and send it to you, but I couldn't figure out how to explain to him that I have a friend in California that is in her twenties, has braces, and has a blog about having braces. I didn't think he'd understand. I also checked out the band's website, but then, I didn't figure he'd have pictures posted of himself with braces and I was right.