Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Damn You Progresso

I have discovered yet another weakness...braces blockage. If something gets stuck in my braces (particularly the back brackets where the tongue has trouble reaching), I loose all control. I was a madwoman today trying to un-gunk. Poor Stephanie R. had to experience the repercussions of moments of weakness such as this firsthand -- total loss of concentration. Steph R. was asking me something (I can't even recall what) and while I tried to pay attention, the truth is, I couldn't!! I had to eliminate the piece of carrot stuck in my back bracket - stat!!! Finally, after what felt like an eternity, I discovered the box of toothpicks in the bottom drawer of my desk. Stephanie R. looks at me with utter disgust and confusion and says, "Um....how exactly is it possible for you to get something stuck in your braces when you're eating soup?!"

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I'm a wired mess. But damn it felt so good after all was clear.

I'm sure all 20-somethings deal with issues like me.

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