Monday, September 17, 2007

Just Call Me Tom Selleck

As if having braces as a 20-something was bad enough...

I now have a braces mustache (or a bractache, as I like to call it).

No joke. My Vietnamese waxer confirmed. She said...because of my braces...the sun hits my lip first -- causing a darker upper lip --- and giving my face a furry look. Every time I go in to get the eyebrows waxed she says, "Upper lip too?! Lot of hair. Lot of hair."

Well, it's confirmed....not hair. Just a braces-tache. Steve likes to make me feel better and say it's the reflection. He knows the truth.

Chalk it up to my awesome life in braces. For those of you with braces, save $10...and skip the lip wax. It won't do a thing. Instead, invest in concealer.


Aimee said...

Try Vantex by Fashion Fair. It's bleaching cream and I was told that it works great. Someone pointed out the melasma on my forehead and said I should try it. Nice of them to notice. I have yet to find it though. (Macy's, Robinsons May) Apparently it's a big seller and it's hard to find. Anyway, good luck with the stache. :)

Anonymous said...

Hormones can cause your "stache". Made worse by the sun. If it is bother some (and why wouldn't it be no lady wants a "stache") ask your doctor for a precription of Triluma Cream it has 3 ingredients one which is a bleaching agent. As for the time you love to spend outside and at the beach; like I do, wear sunblock even if you just put it on your lip. 'Cause believe me over the summer it got so much worse. Sun darkens the area big time!

That's my 2 cents. 2 weeks of cream and I have noticed a big difference in my "stache".

Good Luck!