Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Shhhhh. Secrets.

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It's happened. I have completely hit the point where I don't care what I eat any more. Chips, gummies, cashews, jolly ranchers...bring it on! Provide me strength NASA wires!

Yup...that's right -- it's only 3 months in and I'm already at this point. (holy crap. how depressing that it's only been 3 months. keep sharp objects away from me.).

In 3 weeks I will be chewing gum and enjoying a Costco supply of Airheads.
P.S. Above is my favorite new pic. I have no idea why.

An equally enjoyable pic...
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Jamie said...

I want to be there.....

allison said...

Last time I was in braces, I was totally in the same position that you're in now. Caramel apple? Bubble gum? Corn on the cob? Bring it on.

This time, I find eating things like that unpleasant and painful, so I don't have that much trouble keeping away from them. Go figure.