Tuesday, September 18, 2007

We Shall See

Tomorrow morning I'm off to the dentist for my bi-yearly cleaning. I'm a little apprehensive. How exactly are they going to clean my teeth with wires? I was nervous when setting the appointment, and was sure to mention my current 'condition.' To my surprise, the receptionist sounded more exited than usual. Weird, I know. Perhaps this is a fun time for dental assistants? Something a little more out of the ordinary? A freak show of sorts?

Personally, I would think my 'disorder' would cause more work for my trusty dental team. I just hope Dr. Lee is there tomorrow. Last time she told me a story of, as a child, she would dream of living in America and having 'doll-like' blue eyes (her words, not mine) like me. I always appreciate her randomness. She also loves a good xray.

Time to allot approximately 30 minutes to dental hygiene....

You know you do it too. It's the ol' Better Floss So The Dentist Thinks I Do It Regularly Action Plan. Then, at the appointment, your gums totally bleed. I know, gross. But I like to consider this a 'safe place.'

Wish me luck tomorrow!


Chris K said...

I'm starting to think it's futile. Flossing for months on end religiously or just the night before they always ask if you've been flossing as if you look like you've just come out of refugee camp. I find it so frustrating.

Wired Lady said...

i couldn't agree more.