Monday, September 24, 2007

Spotted: Four Eyes in a Cubicle

Due to the fact that I'm still trying to kick this little sinus/cold thing (thanks to my dentist), I wore my glasses to work today. My eyes always burn when I'm sick. Am I the only one? Anyway, despite the fact that I felt like crap, oddly enough, I received quite a few compliments regarding my glasses. Interesting....right?

True story --
Nameless Co-Worker: I love your glasses!
Wired Lady: Thanks!
Nameless Co-Worker: You should wear your glasses more often!
Wired Lady: Really? Maybe I should?!
Nameless Co-Worker: You really should. You've got that sexy secretary thing going on.
Wired Lady: (insert awkward chuckle)
Nameless Co-Worker: Oh! Well, thinking back on it, I guess when I had braces I always hated wearing my glasses too.
Wired Lady: (insert extreme facial expression illustrating shock about this never-thought-before realization)

Damn. Now I will never wear glasses again.
And if you are reading this Nameless Co-Worker, thank you for giving me a story.


Aimee said...

Hey Wired! Thanks for the comment on my site. I just got my Kaiser packet in the mail yesterday, so I can set up my appt. to see Dr. Relle. I am nervous! I wonder how far apart our surgeries will be. Anyway, I think you look cute in your glasses too!

allison said...

That actually occurred to me. Last time I was wired, I overheard my cousin say that having braces and glasses is what made a person a nerd. This was before I wore contacts. I was 11. And scarred.

Right now I wear contacts, but I plan on wearing glasses a lot more once I get new ones next month. I say don't worry about it! Past 11, being a nerd is cool. ;)