Saturday, September 22, 2007

Wires Hit Campus

Today I experienced life as a college student with braces.

That's right, I took my first UCLA extension course and I will admit, I was pretty freakin' excited about it.

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Can you see the excitement through my braces?!!

Call me a nerd but the thought of getting to go to class, meet people my age, and hold a number 2 pencil, was pretty amazingly sweet.

While I was nervous about bringing the wires to class, I was soon reminded of an important part of high education -- the habitation of ugly people.

A few too many years back, while in college, if someone told me I had to get braces,I would have died. Literally. No, seriously. Like....jumped over the Richland Bridge.

But here's what I learned tooootally doesn't matter. As long as they're unshaven girls with pegged jeans and plastic barrettes in their hair, and hairy guys with t-shirts of solar systems, there is a place for braces on every campus in this country!

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God bless the union of higher education and orthodontia.


allison said...

That's encouraging. Worst fear? Starting college in braces. (At this point, that's entirely possible).

BTW, your posts are so funny, always make me laugh.

Morgan said...

:( I just got my braces today and I start college in less than a month and like you said I feel like jumping off a bridge.

Anonymous said...

I guess I'm the one with wierd tastes but I love girls with braces. I guess theres something irresistable about metal in a girls mouth, dont know why.