Monday, November 19, 2007

Braces Aboard

Tonight I got a head start on packing for the Big Thanksgiving Adventure. Yes, that's right, I will be joining the billions of other brave/highly-stupid travelers, as we bond over boredom and flight delays in the airport terminal. It's really a fun game I plan to play, Who Wants To Bet I Will Not Arrive in Time for Turkey??!?! I am already the number one winner.

Ok. Ok. Yes, Steve I will go back to practicing optimism...errr....start practicing optimism.

Just a quick note about packing for braces. While some ortho-buddies may have dental travel kits that look similar to this...
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I am choosing to plan for the worst and as a result, my dental kit looks more like this...
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I feel it is only necessary. Should I get stuck in the airport for four days, I need to make sure my mint-flavored floss, super-powered water pick, Listerine bottle filled with tequila and extra-flex gum massager are close. Let's just say, I get cranky very easily.

God I hope the wires don't hold me up at security.


Tara said...

That's too funny! The Dental First Aid kit! That's SOOO what it is like packing with braces. My husband grabs his tooth brush and night guard (he's a grinder), and he's ready. Not when you got braces. I have 2 different tooth brushes right now, about 3 differnt types of floss, wax, etc... I may need to get me one of those first aid kits!

Have a fun and save trip for Thanksgiving!

~ Tara

Michelle said...

Good Luck and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

nabukay said...

hey i never thought of that. its true what if the wires make us beep. oh wait i have the other brackets. okay never mind. have fun!