Sunday, November 11, 2007

Wires Representin' On The Wish List

As the 13 year-old-that I am, last night I spent my wild and crazy Saturday babysitting. And I gotta say, had a fabulous night (except for a minor tiff with a Blockbuster employee). The highlight of the evening was my middle school friend's tutorial of the new Oral B Triumph.

Holy crap!!!! It has a timer! It tells you when you're brushing too hard! It tells you when to change quadrants! Woa. I was on a dental high.

Yes, I know...I am totally not cool. But I am DEFINITELY adding it to my Santa Wish List.

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Seriously, Oral B should be paying me for this stuff. At LEAST a free sample.


Chris K said...

I saw a commercial for this this morning and have to say I too am impressed. No if only they could invent a floss that will jump directly into my hand every night before I go to bed.

Wired Lady said...

Woa! Haven't seen the commercial but I'll definitely look out for it.

As for the floss, um...yeah...can I pay someone to floss my teeth while I sleep?! That's weird, right? Ha.

Drama student said...

I have braces too and think this would be a great gift! I think I'm going to be giving to my friends for the holidays.

Dennis said...

This thing is amazing! It's good to see that science is putting all their resources into dental care. Although I'd be careful who you give this to as a gift. They might get the wrong impression!

Steve The Boyfriend. said...

I'm so glad you have this blog, since you don't give me Christmas lists! Just call me Dental Care Claus.

Anonymous said...

I have been using this toothbrush for a while now. Pre- and post- braces and it is awesome. It comes with different attachments and even a tongue thing. It is pretty cool!

As for a Christmas gift for all of my friends...I think not! NOT in the budget that is..... this sucker costs more than $100.00 each...OUCH!

I probably would not have even bought it for myself because I am so skeptical of all these different items. They usually do not deliver what they promise. This one definitely does! I got a new dentist about 1 year ago and at your first visit they give all of their new patients a care package including....this tooth brush, water pick and lots of other helpful items. Needless to say they rock!

Enough rambling...enjoy your new pleasure and keep your humor coming!