Saturday, November 3, 2007

A Taste of the Good Life

Yesterday I was back at the ortho's for a ton of work on, what I like to call, my 'hardware.'

Thanks to all my complaining about the differing lengths of my two front teeth, the first order of business was to re-glue the front brackets. With this came...a taste of the good life (I can hear Kanye sing)!!!!

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This also brought a sense of relief that, thanks to my Diet Coke addiction, I had only stained the glue on my front teeth, not the actual teeth. I'm afraid this might mean even more DC because seriously, look at those white rabbit teeth! Woo hoo! As long as you can't see what my liver really looks like, I'm set. But anyway, this happy moment lasted approximately 1 minute, as I was quickly re-wired and back to what I know as, my life. The good news is, after only an hour, my front teeth are (almost) back to normal! One more thing on my Wired Lady Freak List to check off.

Other orders of business yesterday included cementing a few new bands in the back and adding huge amounts of glue to the tops of my back teeth, to give my jaw something to rest on and help when eating. This glue stuff is totally bizarre and to be honest, I will probably be back next week to have it removed's doing nothing.

Poor Mona Lisa (I kid you not), my dental assistant, definitely did not win the lottery getting me yesterday. I think she was stuck with me for almost two-hours. I get a different dental assistant each time I go and I swear, I'm on to them.

On a side note, "American Gangster" was awesome! Is it weird that I just love a good drug movie?!

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