Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The Joke Is Officially OLD

Here's a tip...(which for some reason has taken me 6 months to figure out)...when ordering dinner at a restaurant WITH BRACES...ask for your veggies (and pretty much anything else) 'extra soft.' I swear, every time the veggies come back nice and steamed and soft, I am always happily impressed. They knew exactly what I meant! And you will be sooo happy with your mushy veggies!

Another tip -- after ordering your veggies 'extra soft' try to avoid the follow-up joke about your braces. #1) the waiter isn't an idiot and can blatantly see the grossness that are wires mounted on your teeth and 2) the joke gets very old after dining with the same friends more than once

Don't ask me how I have come to give such a tip.

Rose, will you please hang out with me again?

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nabukay said...

ooomigosh i always point out my braces. but in my defense a couple of times at hotels when i asked them to give me an extra sharp knife to cut up my apple people were puzzled and on monday the woman asked me why i have teeth if i can't bite into food. but yeah, you are right, most people don't need an explanation.