Thursday, November 29, 2007

Defeated Wired Lady

This picture was taken shortly after leaving Dr. Yamada's office today...
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Can you say, 'defeated?' I can!

This time around, I thought if I sounded happy with the way my teeth were looking, she would be persuaded to hurry this along -- I was wrong. I even said on numerous occasions, "Soooo, think we can schedule that oral surgeon appointment (ie...braces are done...time for round 2)??" She wasn't playin' my game.

Instead, she gave me this monstrous new wire, with weird pegs poking if that weren't bad ENOUGH...I now have GROSS clear rubber band things strapped on all four-sides of my mouth (as you can see, not a pro on the proper terminology)!!! That's ALL I need, more crevices for more crap to get stuck in MORE teeth!!!! Fantastic. I thought about including a close-up of the new additions but I just can't subject the general audience to that.

You can definitely say, my mood quickly shifted. They forced me to stare into a little hand held mirror to see my new bands and wires. You know that feeling from middle school when you feel like the ugliest, fattest and nerdiest girl in the cafeteria? Yeah. That's the place I was rockin'.

My next appointment is after the new year. And APPARENTLY, I need to see her at least two more times before Relle sees me. Which means, at LEAST 12 more weeks before even setting an appointment with the oral surgeon. Hope you like this blog because it sure as hell will not be coming to an end any time soon.

Thank you for hearing the moody Wired Lady complain I pop more and more ibuprofen because I have no feeling my my teeth. Cheers!


Anonymous said...

Sorry about the pain. I am sure that you will do fine. Elastics are not much fun, but you can get through it. I am wearing 2 sets right now and for the next 2 months or so. Hey, at least you are wiredlady in your 20's. I am wiredlady in my 30's. Keep up the good work. You really do have a nice smile and look like you are having lots of fun. It seems like you are at some sort of a party in each picture. c-ya, cutie!

Chris K said...

I always felt like the ugliest, fattest, nerdiest girl in the cafeteria. Hang in kid.

Leah said...

Girl, I would see if they can at least get you on the schedule with Dr. Relle...
When I called to schedule an appointment with him (last March) the earliest date I got was 2 months out!
As far as the pain goes - what can I say - Damn! It's one thing to have a's another to have constant aching from elastics...
Hang in there - This too shall pass :)


Anonymous said...

I think your Dr. is trying to correct something that is really obvious to I guess most, maybe you can't see it? Do you notice how badly your lower arch is slanted to one side. I suspect somebody goofed up in the surgery or something healed wrong. If you face a mirror and slightly open your bite it will be more obvious, your mandibular arch is tilted to one side. I doubt your Dr. wants to discuss it.

Just me,
Melanie Goldberg of Bevery Hills, California