Monday, November 12, 2007

Hello Wires. Goodbye Thursday Night Chinese Take Out

Today I selected my 'elections' for next year -- much I plan to bank towards the oral. As usual, this is one of the most depressing days of the year.

Of course, kept my top-notch insurance (goodbye social life) and totally maxed out my available Wage Works spending (preparing for the big surgery). I seriously have the insurance and health care spending plans of an 80-year-old quadrapolegic. My insurance coordinator even asked, "Are you sure you'll be spending that much in '08?"

Ooooh hello yeah! So, while my teeth will be gorgeous (God freakin' willing)...and face corrected (Hallelujah!)...and chronic headaches alleviated (Praise Jesus!)...I will, however, homeless on the streets -- as my weekly pay check continues to deplete. Oh well.

Can't have it all. Does anyone have a coupon for Special K cereal?


bridget said...

Lady, I know the feeling! It's part of being a healthy person with medical have insurance plans and medical history files big enough to stand on when you can't reach the top shelf.

Steve said...

Only you can make insurance talk sound funny!