Saturday, November 17, 2007

Of Course Idiots Like Braces

Last night I had dinner and drinks at The Village Idiot.

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As always with my bad table karma, I was first offered literally the WORST table in the place. Standing up for my dining rights, I told the guy, "You know what. I'm actually going to wait for a better table."

This was followed minutes later by the offering of the second WORST table in the place. I'm not going to blame it on the braces...because I seem to remember this happening BB (before braces)....but, come on!!! Give the Wired Lady a break. I would actually PREFER to be hidden in the back. Why expose the wires? You'd think they would like to maintain some sort of 'image.' And...for this reason....

I really enjoyed the place. Good food. Good crowd. Great drinks. All in all...a good wired time.
The Idiots took care of the wires.

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Small mouth vs ENORMOUS mouth.
Small head vs ENORMOUS head.
Just for fun.

1 comment:

Shontell said...

HA! That's too funny. I'm tired of being the big headed one too!! ;)