Tuesday, May 22, 2007

American Braces Idol

Much like "On the Lot" - I would like to brush up (no pun intended) on my pitching abilities...

How about... a bunch of 20-somethings forced to wear the ugliest braces imaginable for 2 years. Every day they must wear the notorious "Ugly Betty" poncho, eat corn-on-the-cob for every meal, and smile at every person they meet (elevators included). Whoever still has friends, a job and a significant other at the end of the run...WINS!

This would have to be my publicity shot...
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While completely not braces-related, please send your reviews of "On the Lot," "National Bingo Night," and whether or not you think Paula was completely drugged-up tonight.

By the way...
Did anyone catch the picture of Jordan Sparks in braces...at her first singing competition...at the age of 12? You probably missed it but...it made me feel really REALLY great about myself.

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