Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Sushi & Braces? Can It Be Done????

If anyone can accomplish it...I can!
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Last night Steve and I celebrated his birthday with one of our favorites...sushi!

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When Steve picked a sushi restaurant for his birthday celebration, I have to admit, I was a little bit wary. How would my oral disability effect the ability to consume my favorite fishy delights? Rightfully so, I did a little research. And by 'research' I mean, I asked Jacquie B. - mainly because she is the only person who frequently visits my cubicle. But nonetheless, Jacquie had a wonderful suggestion, which I now pass along to all my friends in the adult braces community...soy paper!!!!!!! That's right, if you think about a sushi roll, what comes to mind? Seaweed! Oh yes. Not easy to eat, even without a mouth of metal. The tip for eating sushi with braces is...request a soy paper wrap. With all the soy sauce I use to dunk my rolls in anyway, I couldn't even taste the difference! Hooray for braces & sushi! Also, a roll with a cucumber surrounding is also advised but BEWARE...sticky rice loves nesting in braces. I would highly recommend avoiding sushi if on a first date and rocking the braces.

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Anonymous said...

Well, I gotta say, with a little wine, anything is possible. And look at it this way...At least rice is white! I didn't even notice it hiding in there. You handled it very well, although next time we probably shouldn't order the soft shell crab. His shell may be soft, but it's still hard enough to annoy wired ladies.