Monday, May 28, 2007

Nachos...Not a Problem for the Wired Lady

There are some things in life you sacrifice the state of your dental affairs for. In my case...this means nachos. But not any nachos...DUKE'S nachos. The only way to kick off the summer with a Memorial Day celebration was being Malibu beach-side at my favorite sandy watering hole...Duke's. Ahhhh...sooo freakin' good.
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After last weekend's mishap with the Hermosa Beach Yacht Club nachos, I know what you're thinking...what the hell were YOU thinking, Wired Lady, eating more nachos?! But seriously, you have no idea. Duke's nachos are a mountain of cheese, tortilla and basically, heaven. For this monumental occasion -- the kick-off to summer...Wired Lady had no choice but to ignore her braces and well, chow down. And let me say, no freakin' regrets. Please do not tell Dr. Yamada at the Buena Vista Orthodontics Group.
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Heaven before.
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Not-so heaven after.

Tomorrow the vacation is over...back to work and better dental hygiene.

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