Sunday, May 6, 2007

Cinco de Mayo & BRACES

I learned an important lesson on Saturday night...braces do not prevent margaritas from freely flowing. With or without braces, hangovers still occur.

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This is what braces and Cinco de Mayo look like.


Lance said...

Braces on girls are hot :) I just got mine and I'm 32...sigh. I look hideous.

Anonymous said...

Im 19, I'm gunna be a transfer student in a couple weeks and i just got braces a couple days ago....not only do they hurt like hell but i look so stupid.... I HATE THEM!

Anonymous said...


I am 21 and I just got braces on a couple days ago! Its killing me...its the second time around for me as well...but its nice knowing im not the only chick going through it.

P.s. you make the braces look hott!

Anonymous said...

Your braces makes me imagine many ways of nasty-hot things

Anonymous said...

Girles with braces are hot. I wish i can get my wife to get them.

Michael said...

Purttiest smile i ever did cum across I must say.