Sunday, May 13, 2007

Hittin' the Braces

Last night Marissa, Rosa & I hit up Republic. Two notes on 'clubbing' in braces. Number 1 - it's really hard to dance and keep one's mouth shut. The way I figured it, I didn't need strangers knowing I was rockin' the grill (some may rightfully so label it a disadvantage in getting gross Brazilian men to dance with you), so I tried hard to keep the lips tight. However, not only do I just look retarded but it actually is difficult to dance as crazy as need be to J.T., and hide the braces.

Second - going to clubs is actually an advantage to those of us rockin' the adult braces. How is this possible, you might ask? Darkness, crazy strobe lights and lots of rapid movement.
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Trying to minimize the number of photographs taken of Stephanie for obvious reasons. But how cute do they look?!


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Thanks for this post, it really made me feel just a little bit better today. I just got braces yesterday and while suffering the pain today, got another inevitable blow of being asked downtown on friday. When I think about it though, you're absolutely right about the dark and it might just be what I need to get back to my old self again here.