Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Wanted Wired Lady

Steve says he still finds me attractive with braces....

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....and I know he's full of shit.

But...a mystery man actually DOES find the Wired Lady attractive. I discovered this fact today!

So, between arranging for interns' computers to be installed and ordering a housewarming gift on William Sonoma Online for someone I don't even know, I get a call asking ME out on a date. WHAT!? Did they dial the correct number? Me? The Wired Lady? How freakin' random is that?!!!! How could someone who actually has seen me WITH braces still want to date moi??

Oh yeah...he speaks little English and is twice my age. Cool.


Drama student said...

WHAT? A guy called you? Please explain. And that is one freaky ass picture

paying said...
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