Thursday, May 31, 2007

Wired Lady to the Moon

This morning I had my big check-up. I few important things to mention....

Mona, my orthodontia assistant, was extremely proud of herself because it was 9 AM and she had already been to the gym. She is on a health kick and thanks her son for waking her up in the morning. Go Mona!

Mona loved my braces. She actually said to me, "I love your braces!" How the hell do you respond to that?! I think I said something like, "Cool. I hate them."

Mona explained to me that my wires are the same wires NASA astronauts use. Seriously! She let me try to bend the wire myself and sure enough - couldn't make a dent. That was a fun experiment.

Mona's shared that her son wasn't lucky enough to get the state-of-the-art braces that I have. He's 16. His braces were off 3 years ago. Cool.

I hope I get Mona next time.

Real quick - I would just like to thank ABC for reminding me how much I LOVE the National Spelling Bee. And for the record, just because I have braces, doesn't mean I can spell.


Neatpit said...

You are attractive! :D

Anonymous said...

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