Saturday, June 2, 2007

Wired Lady Gets Knocked Up

Don't get the wrong idea, Mom.

Last night the 'gang' gathered for a little "Knocked Up" action. And you know what? It was pretty freakin' good! And I do believe this had nothing to do with the pre-gaming of margaritas. Stephanie actually enjoyed a 'male' comedy. I know, a shocker...right, Steve?

An important lesson was learned last night regarding having braces and doing a tequila shot. Alert the media! Those of us 'wired adults' have a seriosly handicap when properly doing a tequila shot. Step 1 - salt. Totally not a problem. Totally enjoyed it. Step 2 - tequila. Also not a problem. Not the same without the rita but, for the most part, also enjoyed it. Step 3 - the lime. Ah! Here's where the problem lyes. Defintely can't bite right into the lime - hence hindering the shot experience. If, after a few more rounds of such shots existed, I might be willing to take the risk and delve into the lime. But being this was the first and only shot consumed...I wasn't drunk enough to play that game. Ooooh no, I wasn't going to be picking bits of lime out of the iron shelving unit for the rest of the night. So, disadvantage. I, the poor and innocent Wired Lady, could merely suck the blessed lime.

Ooooooh the problems of a 20-something with braces.

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