Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Braces & BBQ

Today while picking up my boss's lunch (yes, I am important and successful), I spotted someone with braces - and, of course, I automatically assumed we would instantly be friends! I was incredibly excited. Meet Jorge at Ribs USA (highly recommend the bbq chicken, might I add)! As Jorge rang up the order, I spotted some 'tracks.' Without much thought, I just jumped right to it...."How old are you?" Who knows what the hell he was thinking. He probably thought I was hitting on him. Getting excited that he could be considered a real, live adult with braces (like me), I prepared to pull out the digi cam to take my first brace-a-licious pic.

Jorge's response....


I was extremely disappointed. Don't trust a Mexican mustache to indicate age.

Still no brace-a-licious pic on the blog. I just don't think 18 is really old enough to feel bad for him. He's probably still in high school. I'm thinking I've gotta shoot for cohorts who are 20+. Everyone agree?


Steve said...

I can't believe you're going out with an 18-year-old moustachey Mexican now. You never let me grow a moustache!

Anonymous said...

hey :P
ok i think i read all your blog posts last night.. well actually kinda till 6 in the morning.. when i realised i have classes at the university at 9! yay.
anyway i just realised i did not coment at any post.. so here goes :)) i'm getting braces in a few months too. no, nut funny at all. at least they look good on you.. my social life will be over and dead..
and i'll morph into a 20 y old wired lady... later on in a 20-something wired lady cuz i'll have to wear em for at least 2 years. yay.
and yes i found you on google images actually.. i stormed into my room after i came back from the tuff lady doc ..that gave the great great braces news, jumped over the keyboard and searched every corner of the web for braces and alternatives and stuff..