Monday, June 18, 2007

The Bee Needed Some B-r-a-c-e-s

As a wired individual, I was rooting for the musical but was highly disappointed. The characters were cute, but really?! braces?! How could a musical about high school nerds be wired free???? Also...incredibly too we really need a ballad about a kid's dad who didn't show up because his wife is in India?

I don't think.

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Last night at the performance of the "25th Annual Putnum Spelling Bee," Steve Guerrieri was plucked from the audience to compete. Mr. Guerrieri can spell "Mexicans" but do not ask him to spell "cat."


Rodrigo said...

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Timmy "I know the true meaning behind the soulja song" Piatt said...


I am upset that you did not put any pictures of me on your site. I do, however, still like your site. I especially liked how you talked about Steve spelling on your site. I was actually at the "cat" spelling incident that you talk about on your site. I like your site. I was glad to meet you and glad to see your site.