Wednesday, June 6, 2007

New Shoes Blamed For Wired Attention

I decided to break out the new, oh-so-hot shoes tonight. And all I can say is...BIG mistake. Who would have thought the shoes would expose the braces?! For the record....

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Pretty Drinks Like This...Not To Blame

Yes, the Wired Lady enjoyed a cocktail while celebrating Emily's birthday at Trader Vics but the shoes are solely to blame for her embarrassing fall on the way back from the front of the whole restaurant. That's right, totally hit the FLOOR of the restaurant. As if the braces aren't embarrassing enough?! I, of course, HAVE to fall like a drunken idiot...and THEN show everyone in a crowded restaurant I am the pathetic 20-something in braces. For the millionth time...I was the shoes...not the rum. Seriously. I'm for serious this time.

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Rose with Parrot (included simply because it's hilarious)

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