Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Oh-So-Happy in Braces

The toothless smile has failed me again.

Ugh! So, I was out on a run during work hours and stopped at a red light. I look to my left and see a huge truck parked in front of my favorite coffee stop. I see the driver smiling in my direction and I look to my right wondering, who the hell is he smiling at? Let me just clarify, it was an awkward cheesy/creepy smile. So, I look back at him and give him the Toothless-Stephanie-Doesn't-Really-Care-About-You-But-
Still-Doesn't-Want-You-Knowing-I Have-Braces-Smile. I then look ahead hoping the light has turned green. Just my luck...of course not. THEN! The random truck driver has the odacity to say to me, "Smile girl and have a good day!" My instant reaction is to toss my head back and give him a I-Will-Pretend-That's-Funny-But-Hate-You-Laugh.

First - Was he insinuating that I am not happy? Two - Do I really look that unhappy when I drive? Three - Do I really look that unhappy when I smile without teeth? Third - How dare he think I am unhappy! Fourth - Am I the only person that doesn't waste my time giving braces-full smiles to anyone?!

I hate truckers. And you know what, I don't have to be pleasant if I don't want to me! Especially on a run.

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