Saturday, June 16, 2007

Cantaloop - Good for Paris...Good for Braces!

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After hearing Paris Hilton reportedly stopped by (before going to the big house) Cantaloop, the new frozen yogurt place close by, I knew I had to do a little taste testing for the braces. Not being Pinkberry, I was automatically a little skeptical.

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However, it can be announced publicly that...braces LOVE Cantaloop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So good. The guy working there told me the story when Paris showed up. Apparently, there were two separate times. The first with friends, the second by herself. She had a one loop regular with extra mango. After picking up her treat at the counter, she did a runway walk for all the paparazzi right out the door. Fun fact - apparently the paparazzi were screaming at the Cantaloop customers to "Get out of Paris's way! Don't you know this is Paris Hilton?!"

How rude.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, you're so pretty - you can pull off anything.