Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Take That, Doc!

Tooootally won the phone battle today with nice, curly-haired lady at the front desk! I called. I had control. I spoke clearly. And yes, I may have faked some small amount of power. Welp, the truth is...I tried to use humor in my favor. I simply stated, "Hi. This is Stephanie. I am a patient of Dr. Yamada's. I am the adult with braces."

Insert a few chuckles and what do ya know, a few minutes later (after a couple "let me put you on hold" moments)...totally scored an earlier appointment! Watch out Buena Vista Orthodontics! Tooootally coming to visit next Friday! 9:45 AM. Woo woo!

I wonder if this method will work every time? I don't appreciate them saying, "See you in 6 weeks!" Hell no. I need to be visiting every-other week. Crap. Every other hour. I gotta get this deal done.

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