Monday, June 25, 2007

Braces Take a Backseat to Being...WHITE

Tonight my new black friend Stephanie took me to the Mo' Betta Monday Show at The Improv, in every attempt to help me be 'cool.' As you can imagine, Wired Lady definitely stood out amongst the crowd. Not for the braces (forget that)...but...for the obvious reason.

There were many things I learned tonight that are hilarious at the Mo' Betta Monday Show. Below are a few things mentioned that have never been referred to at my normally-attended Wednesday night Caucasian show.

- Ladies! Raise your hand if you've got your credit score lined up!
- Brothers! Raise your hand if you pay your baby's mama's child support!
- Hos! Don't break his neck.
- White people! Don't be afraid.

Maybe the Wired Lady is desirable to black men? On the way out, some fellow by the door said, "Hey...I wanna get to know you better!" I said...see you next Monday!

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