Monday, June 18, 2007

Hello New Coupons

It's no secret, I love a good coupon. So, you can imagine the excitement when the grocery store coupons shoot out of the register after payment is complete. I'm ALWAYS pumped to see what goodies I'll get at bargain prices next week. Will I get a $.50 coupon on Morning Star Breakfast Paddies or a free 2 liter bottle of Diet Sprite?! I know, my life is riveting.

But, after this week's grocery store purchase, I noticed a little trend in my coupon distribution. I used to get coupons for the wine I get coupons that look like this....

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That's right, multiple coupons in a single purchase for dental products. Seriously, the cashier at Ralphs looked at the coupons...looked at my face....and gave an obvious chuckle.
I miss the tampon coupons the most.

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