Thursday, June 7, 2007

The Drug Denial

Not the most thrilling post but kind of important...the oral surgeon finally called back today. I get a lovely call from Dr. Relle early this morning (feeling fantastic from the festivities the night before) on my way to work. Hooray! I give him the low-down on the grinding and extreme morning pain...blah blah blah. In the Nick B. voice ("Booooo-ring!") The good news is, he doesn't want to put me on any kind of anti-depressants. Hooray! I won't get fat...from drugs. (Only beer & nachos!) The bad news, I just have to deal with the pain till the whole (fun!) process is over. Hello, ADVIL!!! Once the process is over, and if I'm still clenching (which he highly doubts), I will be the sexy, NON-WIRED lady with...a mouth guard. HOT! Right, Steve?

1 comment:

Steve said...

Oh yeah! Mouth Guards are so sexy. Can you get it in black and gold?