Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The New Handshake

Today a 'talent' came in for a meeting and I was lucky enough to be introduced. As always, I gave the guy a 'Stephanie/Firm' handshake. At this moment, I never expected to find my new 'introduction' to the Stephanie with Braces.

Here's the mission...and as it played out today oh-so-naturally, I might add:

ME: Hi, I'm Stephanie [Give extremely strong handshake]
STRANGER: [Reacts with surprise] Wow! That is an extremely strong handshake!
ME: [Reaction of, "What? Who? Me? Nahhhh]
STRANGER: Really, that is a great shake!
ME: Welp, you know... gotta compensate for the [suddenly flash the grill] BRACES!
STRANGER: [Laughs with delight, add a slight touch of empathy]

So, the new mission of the Wired Lady = make a person's hand practically bleed so I am naturally given the opportunity to introduce the braces before the stranger realizes I have braces and passes expected judgment. Make sense?

Please note: one week till the braces are tightened for the first time.

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