Wednesday, May 9, 2007

More Networking in Braces

Last night I went to a "I work in reality TV" networking event. My friend, Jill, whom I met at a different networking event, organized the whole thing. She is a Stephanie times ten-billion. She makes me feel extremely lazy. Anyway...

Important lesson of the evening -- Do not order a mojito at a restaurant where I don't know how they make them...while wearing braces. Sure enough (with loud voice)...the mint was crushed and floating in bit-sized pieces throughout my glass. Totally not a good way to 'network' or 'make a good impression' with tiny pieces of mint stuck in between my braces. Can you say, self conscious? Can you say, High School Musical?

Second lesson of the night -- people who are desperate to leave their jobs and 'network' to find new ones, do not care that you have braces. I could have had neon green headgear beaming around my didn't matter. So long as I had a job and liked it and made it sound important, anyone at a networking event befriend me.

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