Wednesday, May 9, 2007


This afternoon I called the orthodontist's office to ask if I could rinse with Listerine. As I asked this question, I knew it was totally ridiculous but nonetheless, I wanted to make sure I had a correct answer. (Hell, I am desperate for my chompers to feel clean in any way possible) After Maria assured me that of course it's ok, we continued to have an important and meaningful conversation. I learned that not only did Maria recently have braces but that she too is addicted to Diet Coke. After frightening me with threats of my carbonated goody staining and loosening the glue around my brackets, it was decided that the answer to all this trauma was...a straw. I said, "but what if I used a straw to drink my DC" and without a thought she said, "that works!" End of story. God bless Maria and god bless straws. It was a long and traumatic conversation that ended happily.

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