Sunday, April 13, 2008

A Cocktail & Soup, Please!

This weekend my good friend Kerry was in town for business. The timing could not have been better, as I A) was dying to escape from my apartment, B) finally had the energy to do more than turn my TV on and C) didn't look so much like a deranged Garbage Pail Kid.

The weekend brought my first opportunity to dine in a restaurant with my new, little 'handicap.' I learned a lot about jaw surgery and fine dining - don't go so much hand in hand. Cocktails, good. Soup, great. And...that's about it.

Below are a few illustrations of my new menu options at Eva Longoria's new "Beso" restaurant in Hollywood:



For those of you who think I will miraculously transform into a skinny 'biatch' thanks to my minimal dietary options -- ooooh how wrong you are.

"I would like your biggest bowl of rice, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese and a milkshake, please." See you later skinny jeans.

Tomorrow - back to work.


Tara said...

Good luck your first day back to work!

Now I'm hungry just looking at that food.

Anonymous said...

How was work? Bet you are wore out!