Thursday, April 24, 2008



Such a happy visit to the ortho this morning! Not only did Mona Lisa (my favorite dental assistant - and yes, that is her real name) remove all the extra 'bling' from my braces (I referred to my 'surgical hook' as my 'jewels', just so you know...and because I think it's hilarious), but she also took out my wires....and I could FLOSS!!!!!! Hallelujah!!! I literally spent 20 mintes brushing and brushing and rinsing and rinsing and flossing and flossing and on and on and on...ooooh what a happy time!


And I gotta say, it felt kind of nice to have Dr. Yamada stare at my bite and say, "Looks sooo good!" I felt proud - like I actually did something.

Did I mention Steve picked up his new retainer yesterday? Yeah, I go to the ortho and everyone asks me how STEVE is doing. Just. My. Luck.


Steve said...

They love me there!

Anonymous said...

details please.... what did they say about your braced time frame? I hope you can get them off soon, but we all will miss stories from the "Wired Lady"


nabukay said...

lol. you really know how to enjoy the good moments in having braces.