Thursday, April 17, 2008

Dental P-I-M-P

That's riiiiight, I am soooo big dental pimpin'.

First, thank to my co-worker referral, I totally got a gift card to the movies. Now, with my recent referral of Steve the Boyfriend, a Target gift card was waiting for me in my mailbox. I either have tons of friends with dental problems or...I have caused tons of dental problems for my friends.

Literally, the retainer that Steve has had in his mouth for ages broke the day I had my surgery. Is that bad teeth karma, or what?! I had to apologize to him.

His visit to the ortho's office (so I hear) on Tuesday was hilarious. I imagine it being like the first time my family met Steve - only this time it was my dental family. In the letter accompanying the Target gift card, Patrice, the office manager wrote, "Stephanie, Thank you so much for introducing us to Steve. He's a lucky guy!..." Ha! Steve said everyone was so excited to meet him and even more excited to talk about my before and after pics - post surgery. Man, I wish he had taken video for the blog.

FYI - if you don't already have dental 'issues,' you may want to keep your distance from me.


Ananda Devika said...

Haha! My hubby's got beautiful teeth...on the outside - they're straight and pretty, but practically hallow. He's had more root canals than anyone I know... Maybe I caught my dental issues from him? :)

Hope you're doing well...

Steve the Boyfriend said...

Yes, the permanent retainer lasted through 12 years of hard candy, tough steak, and hockey sticks to the face, but it was no match for the curse of the Wired Lady!

It's worth it!