Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Enjoying the Perks

Tonight I returned one of my many over-due (don't worry, Mom) blockbuster movies from my 'hiatus' viewing pleasure. While walking back to my car, it was like a light bulb turn on above my head...."What?! A KFC across the street?!" Jaw surgery and extreme hungry makes your fast food radar amped to 100, let me tell you. I had no clue such an establishment was in walking distance?!! You know I didn't want to pass up this opportunity.


That's right....mashed potatoes/gravy, baked beans...and, while not pictured, a glass of wine (big shock here). Helloooooo healthy diet. HA!


Did I mention the happiness when successfully accepting the KFC spork challenge!?!

Go me.

My spoons (and dishwasher) thanked me for a much-needed vacation tonight.

1 comment:

nabukay said...

oh my gosh i am ashamed to admit that i loooooove KFC even though its oily and unhealthy...but what i enjoy the most about it is that i can eat food off the bone!!