Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Don't Starve & Drive

There's something about my office that just makes me, hungry. As much as I (still) enjoy my Carnation in the morning (thank you Nestle for the coupon!), it's not quite doing the job it once did when I just sat in bed all day. Big surprise here, right? Yeah, so...apparently working makes one hungry. Who would have thought?! Ha.

Literally, yesterday, I didn't bring enough yogurt, pudding, drinks, etc. to work and...I pretty much thought my body was going to start eating itself from the inside.

My biggest mistake was made tonight when I didn't throw the Ensure in the purse for the drive home. Well, thanks to the f*** Hollywood Bowl (damn you, newlywed Jay Z and your sold-out concert), I sat in traffic tonight for approximately 85 minutes. Let's just say, the old bottle of water in the Kia did not cut it.

A long drive. Lesson learned -- do not drive on (even) a half-way empty stomach. When your jaw barely opens, stock up at all times for a natural disaster.

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