Saturday, April 19, 2008

I Hate You Anyway, Taco, Burrito & Chimichanga


Last night I met up with a few amigos for some comida Mexicana before the big Friday night showing of "Forgetting Sarah Marshall."

Hilarious how I can't enjoy nachos...but that doesn't stop me from the guacamole!!! Bring on the spoon (my #1 utensil of all time)!!!!

Other items on the Wired Lady menu...
  • Cadillac Margraita (are you surprised?)
  • Tortilla Soup (minus about 98.5% of its contents)
  • Spanish Rice (only drenched in the broth of my tortilla soup)
  • Tamale (although enjoyable at the time, mixed emotions about it later)
Oh. And..."Sarah Marshall" -- worth the ticket price.

1 comment:

April Gowdy said...

I have been reading your blog & following your progress. This is the first time I'm commenting. First of all I'm so happy your surgery is behind you now & that you are recovering extremely well! I have to say I share your sppreciation for the spoon! Every day, twice a day, I give my dog a spoonful of pumpkin with her food. I wind up with NO spoons in the drawer & nothing BUT spoons in the sink. It drives me crazy!