Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Entering The Quiet Zone

Remember the excitement last Thursday when I could finally talk? Remember? Remember?

Well, those days are...o-v-e-r! It's pay back time. My jaw is now paying me back for things like ...oooh....I dunno, the 20 minute story I just HAD to tell about dental floss and yogurt or...the thought-I was-a HILARIOUS tale about my recent visit to the orthodontist's office. Silly, silly Wired Lady.

As you can imagine, having survived my first two days back at work...and talking...a lot....it is now quiet time for the Wired Lady. As I sit here waching American Idol and typing, I am exceptionally happy to see the finalists' jaws super busy and mine...closed.

It's great to be back at work and pretending all is back to normal but...the dental gods are laughing at me this evening. So, between now and 9 AM tomorrow morning, it's time for a little volume control and vacation for my face.

1 comment:

nabukay said...

i can't believe you are back at work already. awesome!