Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Seriously? Do I Have a Chance?

Attention Ortho-Bloggers! Big question...

So, seriously, do I have a shot at getting this mouth guard removed tomorrow at the oral surgeon's office?

What's the protocol? I can't remember if I imagined the doctor saying he would take it out, or if it was just some hopeful codeine-inspired dream I had.


Leah said...

My surgeon told me I would have mine in for 1 month. I'm not excited about that. How much is it interfering with your speech? Or is it mostly the swelling that takes care of that?

Wired Lady said...

It's definitely the 'appliance' that's interfering with my speech.

Katherine said...

Here's hoping you get to ditch the extra hardware today!

I've read of people getting them out anywhere from 2 6-8weeks, depending on the surgeon and what all was done.

Mmmm...apparently holding your breath while they remove it might be a wise idea... it'll smell lovely! But you'll be better able to practice your"do-reh-me's" :)