Sunday, April 27, 2008

Happiness Returns!!!!

I am off to the beach today! Hooooooray!!!!! I cannot even tell you how happy I am about this. Winter lasted way too long and now it's reunite with my love, Hermosa Beach.

Now, when packing for the beach, most people would be concerned with oooh having enough reading materials or sunscreen. But Wired Lady, oooh no, I'm concerned with...having food to remain full for the day. The staples I'm used to relying on, in my post-surg state, don't travel to the beach well. The plain yogurt aint survivin' on the sand - that's for sure.

So, what the hell am I gonna do? Welp, I've got lots of Diet Cokes (yes, the addiction is back in action), water bottles, and...well, that's about it. Guess I'll have to grab a Bloody Mary on the pier soon after I arrive.

Ooh, well...tough life, right?

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m said...

I just got out of having upper jaw surgery (I've been splint-free for a week after having it in for six weeks, and eating everything in sight), and I'm totally relating to your blog right now. Who knew that yogurt and smoothies could be so freakin' exciting! And the day I found out I could eat tofu with that splint in my mouth...oh man, I ate it by the pound. With honey and soy sauce I could almost trick myself into thinking it was a chicken mcnugget.