Sunday, April 20, 2008

Passion for Pudding

Some people are passionate about music or sports or classical literature. Others are passionate about....pudding. No surprise here -- Wired Lady is categorized in the latter.

The cliche goes, "Ya learn something new every day," right? Welp, today I learned two highly exceptional things:
  1. I apparently love tapioca pudding
  2. I apparently ALSO enjoy rice pudding
Ooooo while some may be turned off from the bizarre consistencies or pearly balls....not me. Anything that goes down...wins.

I enjoy wine. However, I am a sommelier of..pudding.


ingrid said...

haha... pudding is pretty awesome these days. I also had my surgery at kaiser in LA! I had a lot of fun reading your blog, you're so funny! I keep on trying to laugh but unfortunately... I'm hurting my stupid face that is still messed up from the surgery.

Shanda said...

Too funny you write of pudding. Because that is one thing I have not gotten tired of during this healing process. And apparently I've had it on my mind lately. During church on Sunday the pastor kept saying "putting" and I kept thinking... mmmm pudding. What can I say? I'm a hungry girl who just wants to eat!