Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Back to Business

Today was the day...yup, back to work. Happily, I gotta say, it was sort of an enjoyable day. Not too many people were there (I love New Years on a Tuesday), so it was a nice, slow start. A great way to calmly get back into gear.

Although, one weird thing did happen. I was coming back from lunch and when pulling into the parking garage, the parking attendant was totally laughing at me. As I swiped my key card, I looked at him super confused, wondering, what the heck is he laughing at?

My first, obvious, most logical braces. He's gotta be laughing at my braces.

Don't you just love how this is the first and only thing that ever comes to mind? For all I know, I could have had a big sign on my car that read, "Piece of Crap on Board" but no, it had to be the braces. For sure. It's always the braces.

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